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While many small businesses overlook photography, or make do with a DIY library of images, photography is often treated as a last resort yet it is part of the primary drivers of sales via web sites. While this is a common practice it is not ideal. Photography has a significant influence on the quality of your marketing products, so if you want professional results, you need to engage a professional photographer.


Here are three common ways of acquiring photographic content and/or building a photographic library to draw from:


Contract a photographer

You contract us or a professional photographer to do a photographic shoot. This may encompass models, hair and make up, props, studio or outdoor location, art direction and post shoot editing.


Use existing photography

You have legal access to a bank of high resolution images from a source other than us, and you supply them to us in digital format. Images cannot be downloaded from the Internet at random.


Purhase from an image library

You or us draw on a Stock Image Library to build a bank of images. Stock images are usually royalty-free or licensed.



Quality images are imperative to the effectiveness of your marketing collateral. Always budget for photography. Always.

Choosing a photographer

Choosing existing photos

Does Prana Creative provide photographic services?

Yes. We have some semi-pro equipment so we can undertake photography when it is needed but outsourcing to a photographic specialist may be cost or time prohibitive. We consider our photographic services an interim measure, expeciting that in the future the client may engage, by choice or necessity, a photographic agency or solo professional.


Our photographic services include:

• Semi-pro photo shoots

• Contracting and outsourcing of photographic professionals and supportive services

• Shot planning and art direction

• Digital retouching, editing and special effects


An important note on photographic images

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